New SanDisk Professional storage solutions

New SanDisk Professional storage solutions

Western Digital has dispatched various new storage solutions focused on experts and content makers under the invigorated SanDisk Professional marking.

A portion of the new items under the SanDisk Professional setup incorporate a 4TB G-Drive ArmorLock portable SSD with big business highlights, just as G-Raid and G-Raid Shuttle RAID solutions that help Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C help.

Western Digital additionally appeared a SanDisk Professional 4-inlet peruser docking station intended to help catch from up to four cards at the same time. It's additionally dispatching another CFExpress VPG400 card that upholds video recording with a base compose speed of 400MB/s and four new Pro-Reader gadgets that help SuperSpeed USB (with speeds up to 10Gbs).

Alongside the new items, existing embellishments and gadgets that will be delivered under the SanDisk Professional brand are additionally getting hindrances and USB interface updates.

G-Technology has for some time been a stable in the entertainment world for its quality and dependability of their items. From versatile SSDs to multi-narrows hard drive RAIDs, G-Technology offer a wide assortment of storage solutions for proficient movie producers, picture takers and other creatives.

The primary items under the new SanDisk Professional name are the PRO-CINEMA CFexpress VPG400 card, PRO-READERs and PRO-DOCK 4 Thunderbolt 3 peruser docking station.

"This series of things will override our EV Series, helping with promising you can keep the full furthest reaches of your SHUTTLE drives while getting the unrivaled offloads and ingest that the new PRO-READERs and PRO-DOCK 4 need to bring to the table."

The "G"- logo will stay on the G-Technology items until new models marked with the new SanDisk Professional name will show up. G-DRIVE and G-RAID units seem, by all accounts, to be quick to be supplanted with SanDisk Professional marked items. G-Technology agents guarantee that the new items will stay "similar extraordinary items you know and trust today, simply under the new SanDisk Professional brand."