Google Chat to replace classic Hangouts for Workspace users from March

 Google Chat to replace classic Hangouts for Workspace users from March

Google has declared that it is presently prepared to move into the last period of the relocation from Classic Hangouts to Google Chat for Google Workspace clients.

The organization said it will turn on the "Visit liked" setting for any clients who have not previously done as such, making Google Chat the default talk application starting March 22.

"This implies that when clients visit exemplary Hangouts in Gmail on the web or the exemplary Hangouts versatile applications, they will be coordinated to Chat," the organization said in a blogpost.

" will keep on working. It is unimaginable to expect to quit this change. Assuming you might want to send out your exemplary Hangouts and Chat information, find out about trading your association's information," it added.

After spaces are moved up to "Talk liked", all exemplary Hangouts applications, with the exception of, will be crippled. Moreover, the "Visit and exemplary Hangouts" and "Exemplary Hangouts as it were" settings will be taken out from the Admin console.

Messages sent in exemplary Hangouts will keep on being held and held by strategies set for Chat, and accessible and exportable with Gmail search in Vault. Messages sent in Chat are dependent upon maintenance rules and holds you set for Chat and accessible and exportable with Chat search in Vault.

The organization likewise referenced that with the exception of a couple of unique cases, all the discussion history from Hangouts will be accessible in Google Chat. Nonetheless, beginning mid-March 2022, any recently made spaces in Google Chat inside area won't show up in exemplary Hangouts.