ThinkStation PX

Brand : Lenovo
Category : Workstations

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ThinkStation PX
The pinnacle of design & engineering

  • Front drive and instrument less access, simple to keep up with and redesign
  • Upholds up to 4x discretionary NVIDIA® discrete designs
  • Strong double Intel® Xeon® Versatile processors
  • ISV-affirmed, zooms through complicated, weighty work processes
  • Rack-upgraded for server farm adaptability
  • Aston Martin-enlivened frame, high-level thermals
  • Remarkable elite execution meets extraordinary ergonomics

The Lenovo ThinkStation PX breaks the mold when it comes to workstations. Co-planned with Aston Martin, seasoned veterans at dashing vehicle plans and streamlined features, the PX presents a famous, secluded form that offers more availability than any other time. Overcoming any barrier where past arrangements have missed the mark, the ThinkStation PX sets another norm in workstation abilities. It's loaded with super very good quality elements, including the most recent Intel® Xeon® adaptable double processors and backing for up to four discretionary NVIDIA® RTX™ discrete designs cards, in addition to piles of fast DDR5 memory and PCIe stockpiling. The ThinkStation PX workstation empowers experts across any industry to improve and grow their work processes unfathomably. The ThinkStation PX flaunts an imaginative secluded plan with front-access hot-trade drives that require no apparatuses to adjust, redesign, or grow. It likewise has the choice of a double excess power supply to moderate the gamble of free time while running strategic applications. The ThinkStation PX workstation accompanies ThinkShield — a set-up of fundamental equipment and programming security arrangements that cooperate to protect both your workstation and your information.

To get ThinkStation PX in the best price from iServe Dubai .

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